In the 1970s, the Bergerie du Trillol was a small property of 8 hectares, the forgotten remnants of a formerly larger estate.

British-born Peter Allan Sichel, who owned property in the Bordeaux region, fell in love with the beautiful valley of Cucugnan and bought the Bergerie du Trillol. In the wine business himself, he quite naturally invested in the surrounding vine plots with a new challenge in mind: that of applying his know-how to the high-lying vines in this little paradise in the Upper Corbières.

Gradually, he assembled plots to form a single estate, Domaine du Trillol, which took the name of Château Trillol in 2008.


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Le Seigneur du Soula

You can’t talk about Château Trillol without mentioning
the “Seigneur du Soula”.
The emblem of the estate, this is a century-old holm oak (one of the oldest in the region), which grows in the middle of a historic parcel of Trillol's vines. The old people around here speak of it as they would of a venerable old man, deserving of respect – “it’s the Seigneur du Soula – the Lord of the Southern Slope”.

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During the 1990s, the Sichel family embarked on a lengthy programme of vineyard expansion and replanting and today has 45 hectares, planted with Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Roussanne and Maccabeu in two distinct terroirs: Cucugnan (Quéribus) and La Bergerie (Termenès).

Besides its bergerie (originally a stone building for keeping sheep), and vineyard, Château Trillol also has its own winemaking facilities and a wine-tasting cellar, which is open to the public.