Château Trillol Cuvée Prestige

Some vintages mark milestones in the history of Château Trillol. Thanks to exceptional concentration in a parcel or variety, or the huge personality of a batch of barrels during ageing, these vintages have prompted us to go even further in expressing the terroir.

Château Trillol’s Prestige pays tribute to these vintages; this is a rare cuvee and always produced in tiny quantities.


Trillol Prestige is worthy of the best cuts of meat or truly special occasions..


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Grape varieties

Predominantly Syrah; Grenache et Carignan.

The terroir

Trillol’s own, with predominantly Syrah from Cucugnan and Grenache from La Bergerie.

Prestige - vinification

After the malolactic fermentation, the wine is aged in new, French oak barrels for ten to twelve months.
Bottled at the estate.