Château Trillol red

Château Trillol’s red wine has a secret: the marriage of purity and density procured at every harvest by slow maturing and low yields. The same balance is also perceptible in the blend of Grenache, Carignan and Syrah and the complementarity between the siliceous soils of the maquis and the argillaceous limestone of the valley.

This is a true vin de terroir – a wine typical of the place it grew in, proud of its southern origins.


Trillol red makes an ideal match for Mediterranean dishes, as well as any roast meat and their fine sauces.


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Grape varieties

Grenache: 40%, Syrah: 30% et Carignan: 30%.

The terroir

Château Trillol red is the result of a balanced blend of two terroirs. The majority of the grapes come from the terroir of Cucugnan (Quéribus), with its argillaceous limestone soil. These are complemented by grapes from the terroir of La Bergerie (Termenès) with its siliceous soil, isolated amid the scrub of the maquis.

Red wine – vinification

Yields at Château Trillol are particularly low (35hl/hectare on average). Some of the harvest is vinified by whole-grape fermentation. Fermentation takes place at around 30-32°C over 6-8 days. Maceration lasts around 30-40 days, with pumpovers mainly in the early period after vatting. The wine is racked and pressed and the wine from the first pressings separated from the rest. Malolactic fermentation then takes place. A part of the Trillol red wine is then aged for 6-12 months, depending on the vintage, in oak barrels of 3-6 seasons.
Bottled at the estate.